Our Problem

Group 6

Our Problem

The transportation around the campus of ODU is minimal and extremely time consuming which is a problem because ODU only allows student 10 Minutes between classes. Because parking is so bad around campus, driving oneself to and from class is nearly impossible. Here lies the true problem of timely transportation for students to and from class.

The quick thought of solution for this is to tell said students to buy a bicycle, however there are holes in that solution. First of all a bike is not a cheap machine by any means and especially for students; the average college student attending a public university is in a $20,000 dollar debt when graduating. Also the campus ODU is not equipped to handle so many bikes. There are bike racks but as it is they are almost always filled up.

The only true solution to the problem is developing a program that allows all students regardless of their financial situation the ability to pay a small fee to ride a bike to and from class without purchasing the bike. Kind of like a borrowing system that the school can even make money on.


Group Problem Focus

There is a not enough car parking spaces for students of Old Dominion University within the campus during the week from 8am to 6pm when school is in session due to high population density, large faculty lots, and strict rules of parking.

Group 6

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Social Media Policy

Briton Arth-


Kaiser Permanente has a fairly lenient social media policy for its employees. They explain, within the policy, that every employee must comply with the company, getting the acceptance from a manager, before any use of a social media blog or comment. An employee of Kaiser Permanente must state the view of the comment or blog to his/her opinion and not the company as a whole. The policy also explains that one should be respectful and not post any hurtful or harmful comments or blogs. If posted, the post will be removed and the company may use discretionary punishment against the employee.

My Opinion of this policy:

When reading this police I found it to be very amiable towards its employees. In most major corporations we see a much stricter policy then what is shown here on Kaiser Permanente. The policy also shows me that this company has a lot of trust with their employees.

social media policy

kati nearhouse


Nordstrom encourages the empolyees to use social media. They expect them to use good judgement with what they might write about nordstrom on facebook, twitter, or nordstrom.com. They should be respectful and considerate of co-workers customers or anybody that has to do with nordstrom. You should also be humble and aviod conflict.


Social Media Policy

Reggie Owens:


On Walmart’s social media policies, they basically are telling people on twitter and facebook to go by the law.  They don’t want you doing anything that would break the law. Also they would like everyone to be polite, and have good language.  You should show repsect to others and they say it is a place for customer service, complaints, concerns or ideas.

Social Media Policies


This is Best Buys social media policy, it is a short but good policy. Mostly there concern is employees talking about work related material that the public doesn’t already know. They do not want you to talk on behalf of Best Buy but in your own opinion, and they do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Best Buy Social Media Policy

Best buy makes sure that their employees make wise decisions when it comes to social media.. The company clearly lays down guidelines for what employees can and cannot do involving social media websites.  The media policy ultimately states that failure to adhere to these guidelines will result more than likely to termination of an employee.